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Plantable Wedding Invitations

About this Paper

This handmade paper (where the invitation is printed) is made from the Daphne bush which regenerates from the root after the raw materials are harvested. Therefore no plants are harmed during the manufacturing process. The paper is then embedded with a variety of wildflower seeds commonly found in Ireland. All of the elements used to make our invitations (such as the paper ribbon and Lotka wraps) are 100% compostable so the entire invitation can be planted. The envelopes are also embedded with wildflower seeds and can be planted.

plantableinbloom copy

Planting Instructions

It is important to plant these in the Spring or Summer when we have sun. Wet the paper and place in a pot in soil or in your garden. The paper should be placed no deeper than an 1/8″ –  just enough soil to cover. Keep the soil moist (if the soil dries out the seeds will struggle to sprout). 4 hours of sunlight per day is also required. Sun and water are key to success. There is no expiry date on the paper so wait for the right time of year. The paper contains a mix of 10 wildflower seeds such as Snapdragon, Petunia, Beardtongue, Daisy, Thyme, Poppy, Foxglove, Catchfly, Maiden Pinks, Chamomile.