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Plantable Russet Lotka Wrap Invitation – Leaf Tie


About this Invitation

This invitation and envelope are embedded with wildflower seeds and will bloom when planted. Lotka paper is made from the bark of the Daphne bush which regenerates naturally providing a renewable resource. This paper is acid free and will benefit the economic enterprise of rural craftspeople in Nepal. Planting this paper will produce flowers if properly cared for. The outer wrap is 100% compostable and the printed invitation inside is embedded with wildflower seeds (as is the envelope). The ribbon is also 100% compostable so the entire invitation can be planted. Each invitation includes a note for your guests instructing them on how to plant the invitation and a bit about the paper.

How we make these Invitations

First we design the invitation, print onto the seeded natural colour paper and trim to size. Next we tear the Lotka paper (to make the wrap) by hand and fold twice into the gate style you see. We then mount the printed invitation to the inside of the Lotka wrap. Then the fun starts! The eco ribbon is also vegetable dyed and made from recycled paper and is tightly twisted. We wrap the ribbon around the wrap and untwist to make the leaves. Then we wrap the second colour ribbon around the invite, tie and untwist to make the remaining leaves and voilà – you have a beautiful plantable invitation which your guests can plant in memory of your big day!

Planting Guide

This invitation and envelope can be put directly into the dirt in a pot or in your garden. The soil should be firmed down after sowing and the seeds should not be more then 1/8” deep – just below the surface. If you plant too deep it will struggle to sprout. They must be kept moist for 4-6 weeks and receive 4 hours of sunlight each day in order to germinate properly. Many wildflowers are drought tolerant once established, but must receive adequate water as they sprout. For best results plant in the Spring or early Summer. Water and sun are the keys to success.

Please note that this paper is a handmade natural product. As there are fibers and seeds in the paper there will be natural imperfections. Paper weights may also vary. They are also vegetable dyed so some colour variations can also be expected.

Additional Information

Lotka Wrap Invitation with Leaf Tie (as shown)
Plantable Envelope
Plantable Instruction Note for Guests

Eco Ribbon I

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Eco Ribbon II

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To order please follow the steps below. 

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