Plantable Wedding Stationery - The Paper Shop
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Plantable Wedding Stationery

These sustainable invitations are made with Lotka paper that comes from the Daphne bush. The Daphne bush is not injured during harvesting as once stripped of the raw material, the plant regenerates from the root. This paper is acid free and will benefit the economic enterprise of rural craftspeople from Nepal. The paper is also embedded with wildflower seeds and will bloom when planted and cared for.

Still Life Plantable Invitation
Seeded & Plantable Invitations

The Lotka wraps shown to the right are vegetable dyed. The wrap is not seeded, but the invitation inside the wrap (printed on natural seeded Lotka paper) is. Every component is 100% compostable, however, and the entire invitation (including the eco ribbon, wrap and envelope) can be planted.






To order plantable invitation splease email us: or give us a call 086 06 777 37. We are currently in the process of adding these to our online shop!